Our project - ilios


Our project

Our desire: to create a unique, top-of-the-range, handmade sandal brand as a family.
ilios was born from a family passion for Crete, its history, its traditions and especially our friends Georgios, Litsa, Dimitri, Maria, who have been welcoming us for over 20 years. We meet there as a family, far from the tourist places, far from the usual clichés. We dance to their music, we laugh, and it's a party.
ilios 2 women at the edge of a pool wearing ilios sandals
It was through these meetings that we discovered a craft business, and also a family business. The grandmother, the mother, the father, the sons together. Generations united around the making of handmade sandals. The sons travel around the island and come back with the best skins. These are then worked with the greatest respect for Cretan traditions.

We were fascinated by the quality of these sandals, made entirely from leather tanned without chemicals, directly on the island. We brought them back every summer for our friends and family. We fell in love with them and couldn't keep them to ourselves. 

ilios co-creator smiling, sandals in her arms

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