Most of the production, from the leather work to the sandals, takes place in Crete, in Chania.

ilios sandal crafting process

The workshop

In Chania, the cradle of Cretan leather and craftsmanship, a family workshop caught our attention. 
We were welcomed by Mialis, who works there with about twenty family members, passing on their knowledge and traditional techniques from generation to generation, to transform pieces of leather into unique sandals.


In Chania, many tanneries were established in the Tabakaria area from 1830 onwards. The proximity of the sea, useful for the first stage of leather processing, made Chania the perfect location. 
Our products are made from the highest quality leather, produced and tanned naturally in Crete. Each leather has an individual character, which matures and develops over time. Vegetable tanning is a process that uses the tannins that are naturally present in plants, leaves or seeds. Only 10% of the world's leather is naturally tanned.
ilios zoom on leather

Our sandals