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Personal Data Policy - Ensuring the security and privacy of your data

ilios is concerned about the protection of your privacy and intends to ensure the protection of the personal data entrusted to us.
Indeed, in order to ensure the operation of the website accessible at (referred to as the "Website") published by ilios SAS (hereinafter the "Company"), the latter is required to collect a certain amount of personal data (hereinafter the "Data").

The purpose of this policy is to inform you as fully as possible about the way in which your personal data will be processed in compliance with Law n°78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms, as amended by Law n° 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 (hereinafter the "Information Technology and Freedoms Law") and Regulation n° 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("Regulation");

Its purpose is to consult and store information relating to the user's navigation on the site, which may be recorded in "cookies" files

I. The Data Controller
II. Purposes of data collection: Why do we collect it?
III. Legal basis of the collection
IV. How your Data is processed and who has access to it
V. How long we keep your Data
VI. How to contact the Company to exercise your rights
VIII. What about cookies?

I The controller of the data collected

The data controller who collects data and implements the processing is the company ilios, 16 avenue du Nord 94100 Saint Maur des Fossés. RCS of Créteil 894 189 943

Categories of personal data collected

Definition: Personal data is any information relating to a natural person, or a natural person visiting the Website, which directly or indirectly enables his/her identification.

The Company collects the Data of natural persons of full age and natural persons under the age of 18, subject to having obtained parental authorisation from the legal representative(s). Consequently, the Company shall not be held liable and the Company reserves the right (i) to carry out any checks on the age of the person concerned and (ii) if necessary, to immediately delete any customer account and/or cancel any order in progress if the aforementioned conditions are not met.

When you register and/or create your personal account and/or place an order and/or a positive event, the Company collects the following Data in particular:

- Name
- First name
- Postal address for delivery and, where applicable, any additional information relating to delivery
- Billing address
- E-mail address
- Date of birth
- Telephone number
- Gender
- IP addresses when browsing the Website
- Information relating to transactions and the monitoring of the commercial relationship (details of products purchased, quantities, amount, payment methods, any discounts granted)
- Information relating to participation in competitions and/or any promotional operations (date, frequency, responses to competitions, prizes awarded).

In addition, the Company collects connection data (date, time, protocol of the visitor's computer, pages consulted) for statistical purposes when using the Website.

The Company processes, only when the client creates a "client account" and chooses a relay point, the geolocation of the latter via its IP address. This Data is only used to facilitate the creation of the personal account and is neither kept nor reused thereafter.

The Company also collects information relating to the terminal used to connect to the Website (type of terminal, operating system, browser, access provider, IP address of the terminal, terminal geolocation data).

When ordering a product on the Website, the banking service providers with which the Company has concluded contractual agreements also collect and process Data concerning your means of payment (bank card number, expiry date of the bank card, visual cryptogram, the latter not being retained, etc.).
The payment processes are secure.

The Company, for its part, processes the partial number of the bank card, consisting of the first six (6) numbers and the last four (4) numbers as well as the expiry date of the bank card as transmitted by the bank. This Data does not allow any banking transactions to be carried out.
Some Data is mandatory, others are optional as indicated to you at the time of collection of the Data.

II. Purposes of data collection : Why do we collect it?

Most of the Data that you communicate to the Company are first of all necessary for the processing and delivery of orders, but also for the purposes of ensuring the commercial relationship and in particular:

-The management of your customer account
-The management of customer satisfaction and collection of your opinions
-The fight against fraud
-The organisation of competitions

The collection of your Data also allows us to:
- Offer you products according to your tastes, need to ensure certain operations relating to commercial prospecting by various channels: e-mail, postal mail, sms notification on mobile, social networks
- Carry out your registration for our newsletter and be regularly informed of our offers;
- Draw up commercial statistics;

NB: Some web pages of the Site may contain web beacons allowing us to count the number of visitors to the Site and/or to provide us with a certain number of indicators. These web beacons may be used by some of the Company's subcontractors, in particular in order to measure and improve the efficiency of the Site. In any case, the information obtained from these tags only allows us to gather statistics on the frequentation of certain pages of the Site in order to better serve you.

III Legal basis for collection

The data is collected:

-On the basis of the contract entered into by the person concerned in the case of a Customer, as ilios needs certain information to process orders, interact with its customers and deliver.

-On the basis of the legitimate interest of the ilios company when you receive promotions by post

-On the basis of your consent in the case of electronic communications for non-customers

In all cases, you have the possibility of withdrawing your consent to commercial canvassing in accordance with article V below.

IV How is your Data processed and who has access to it?

Your Personal Data is hosted in the within the European Union.
The Data collected is only intended to be used by the Company with your consent.

ilios may, however, call upon commercial and technical subcontractors such as:

Those who assist us and help us to manage loyalty programmes, customer relationship management (CRM) and satisfaction surveys;
Our marketing agencies to carry out our advertising, marketing and sales campaigns;

Those who assist us and help us to provide IT services, for the maintenance of our database and correlative software and applications: these services may sometimes have access to your data in order to carry out the tasks requested
to which the Data may be transmitted temporarily and securely.

Safeguards have been taken to ensure a sufficient level of protection of the Data.
Your Data may be transmitted to subcontractors located outside the European Union.

If the protection regime of such a country is not considered adequate by the European Commission, a cross-border flow agreement in accordance with the European Commission's standard contractual clauses will be concluded in order to control the transfer of the Data and to ensure a sufficient level of protection with regard to the requirements of the French and European regulations.

Your Data may also be transferred in order to respond to an injunction from the legal authorities.

In any event, the Data will never be transmitted to third parties for commercial purposes, nor will it be sold or exchanged, without your express consent.

V. How long your data will be kept

Your personal data is kept for a period of time according to the purposes of collection, namely:

Commercial prospecting for 3 years from the last contact or last purchase
10 years for our legal and contractual obligations. 

VI. How to contact the Company to exercise your rights?

In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access, object to the processing, modify (rectify, update), delete, withdraw consent, limit and port your

Personal Data and may define post-mortem directives. You may also lodge any complaint with a supervisory authority such as the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés

ilios respects the rules applicable to each prospecting channel under French law and under the RGPD.

In all cases, the ilios company gives you the possibility of objecting either by an unsubscribe link on the page, or through your account, or by sending a stop sms.

Certain Data not provided or any opposition to their collection may make certain services offered on the Website inaccessible, for example: ordering products and/or participating in a competition or promotional operation.

You may exercise your rights by writing to the following address: ilios 16 avenue du Nord 94100 Saint Maur des Fossés or by e-mail
: [email protected]

You can also unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided for this purpose. It is also possible to change the settings of the newsletters in your account, tab "my information".


The ilios company has a Data Protection Officer (DPO) whose mission is to ensure compliance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data
You can contact the ilios DPO via the following e-mail address
: [email protected]

VIII. What about cookies?

Qu’est-ce qu’un cookie ?

Les cookies sont de petits fichiers textes enregistrés sur votre disque dur par le serveur des Sociétés ou éventuellement par un serveur tiers. Toujours actifs, les cookies sont nécessaires au bon fonctionnement du Site Internet. Ils permettent aux Sociétés notamment de reconnaître un internaute d’une visite à l’autre grâce à un identifiant unique. Au sein de votre ordinateur, les cookies sont administrés par votre navigateur Internet.

Deux types de cookies sont différenciés : les cookies émis par la société ilios et ceux émis par des sites Internet tiers à la demande de l’une et/ou l’autre des Sociétés.

Les cookies émis par des sites tiers ne sont ni déposés ni contrôlés par les Sociétés mais par des sociétés tierces. Ces cookies visent notamment à cibler vos centres d’intérêts à travers les différentes pages produits que vous avez pu consulter sur le Site Internet pour personnaliser les offres publicitaires présentes sur d’autres enseignes.
Pourquoi utilisons-nous des cookies ?
Les cookies sont utilisés pour améliorer votre expérience de navigation. Concrètement, cela signifie qu’ils sont utilisés pour mémoriser vos préférences (notamment pour la wishlist). Les cookies sont donc essentiels au bon fonctionnement du panier d’achat et du processus d’achat : le contenu de votre panier étant enregistré dans un cookie, il est dès lors impossible d'acheter sans cookies ! Ces informations peuvent être conservées lors d’une même navigation et/ou lors de visites ultérieures.

Les cookies nous permettent aussi de se souvenir des éléments de type pop-in ou pop-up que vous avez déjà rencontré afin que vous ne les visionniez qu’une seule fois (par exemple la pop-in « inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter ! »).

Les cookies permettent également d’effectuer des statistiques sur les pages du Site Internet qui ont été visitées par l’internaute, sur les fréquences de visites de certaines de ces pages et sur l’utilisation générale du site internet par les internautes. Ils permettent aux Sociétés d’améliorer l’ergonomie du Site Internet et de vous connecter aux réseaux sociaux pour partager le contenu de ce dernier. Les Données récupérées dans les cookies sont entièrement anonymes et elles ne contiennent pas d’informations personnelles.
A quelle fin les cookies ne sont pas utilisés ?
Les Sociétés ne stockent pas d’informations personnelles sensibles telles que votre mot de passe, votre adresse, vos informations bancaires, etc. dans les cookies que nous utilisons. Les Sociétés ne revendent pas les informations récupérées grâce aux cookies. Celles-ci ne servent qu’au Site Internet .

Les Données des cookies sont récupérées de manière anonyme et ne contiennent pas d’informations personnelles, les cookies ne sont donc en aucun cas apparentés à des logiciels espions.

Les cookies ne sont pas une forme de virus et ne peuvent pas endommager votre ordinateur.

Qui utilise les informations des cookies ?
Les informations présentes dans les cookies sur le Site Internet sont exclusivement utilisées par les Sociétés, exception faite des cookies posés par des tiers qui sont créés par des entités externes pour réaliser des extractions de Données à la demande des Sociétés pour améliorer votre expérience sur le site.
Comment refuser les cookies ?
Il vous est possible de paramétrer votre ordinateur afin qu’il accepte ou refuse certains cookies. En effet, à tout moment et à votre libre appréciation, vous pouvez décider de configurer votre ordinateur de telle manière qu’il est possible :

– Soit d’enregistrer systématiquement tous les cookies émis sur le site internet visité
– Soit de configurer votre logiciel de navigation de manière à ce qu’il vous permette d’accepter ou au contraire de refuser les différents cookies qui peuvent vous être proposés régulièrement
– Soit de refuser systématiquement tous les cookies émis sur le site internet visité

Toutefois, sachez que refuser les cookies peut entraîner une restriction des fonctionnalités. Il vous est donc recommandé d’autoriser la réception de cookies lorsque vous venez sur le Site Internet. Les sociétés déclinent toute responsabilité sur les conséquences résultant du mauvais fonctionnement du site, notamment concernant la création de compte en ligne ou l’utilisation des fonctionnalités du Site Internet, en raison de l’impossibilité pour les services des Sociétés d’enregistrer ou de consulter les cookies émis que vous avez décidé de supprimer ou de retirer.

Selon ce que vous souhaitez et selon le navigateur que vous utilisez, vous devez vous rendre sur la page prévue à cet effet afin de paramétrer votre ordinateur, à savoir :

Pour Internet Explorer :
Pour Google Chrome :
Pour Mozilla Firefox :
Pour Safari :
Pour Opéra :

Technical and personalisation cookies: identification and authentication, navigation, personalisation of the interface, favourites, wishlist, etc.

These cookies help the company to identify the user during the session, so that you do not have to go through the same site authentication procedures several times or receive the same information, etc.